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2023 BJMA Victoria Awards
& Service Recognition Certificates

Nominations are complete and we have 100's of nominations. 

VOTING CLOSES 10 Nov, 2023

Voting for this years awards are open to everyone. We want everyone who has been nominated to be able to celebrate that nomination and what better way then telling everyone they know to vote for them! 

The nomination link can be shared on social media, via email or send it as an sms.

Awards will be presented at this years Awards night on November 25th.

We hope all nominees will be in attendance.

Years of Service Recognition Certificates
These service awards are a commendation of the years you have spent training with BJMA. If you had some time off over the years, that's ok. We understand things happen in our lives, our bodies and our priorities. We just ask that you remove these periods of absence from you total years of service.

These awards will be presented at the Victorian State SENJO Grading on November 25th, 2023.
If you are not in attendance please have someone from your club collect your certificate.

This year we are opening nominations up to all age groups.

Entries must be recieved by 10th November, 2023. 

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