White to Brown Belt Information

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This information is provided by the Victorian coordintor.

Syllabus and grading requirements

White to Black Belt

This syllabus ZDK V6.1 was released in Feb 2018. Only formatting changes have been made since the release of ZDK V6, released in October of 2016.

1st Degree (Black Belt to 1st Degree)

This syllabus, ZDK 1st Degree V3 was released in Feb 2018. 

2nd Degree (1st Degree to 2nd Degree)

This syllabus ZDK 2nd Degree V3 was released in Feb 2018. 

3rd Degree (2nd Degree to 3rd Degree)

This syllabus ZDK 3rd Degree V3 was released in Feb 2018. 

4th Degree (3rd Degree to 4th Degree)

This syllabus ZDK 4th Degree V3 was released in Feb 2018.