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Motivated to achieve

Tania Rowan had a great idea. After one of the state training days she noticed some of the fear and self doubt that is not uncommon when we get closer to grading, she decided to put something together that might help students understand that this is very normal and give them strategies on how to deal with it. Who better to get tips off, than our own instructors at camp?

The Victorian team set about filming small clips to help give all of us the tools to prepare, reflect and deal with any obstacles. These gems will put us on the path to greatness.

These clips not only share ideas but some also share the struggles that have gone into form parts of our lives. Enjoy and feel free to share. 

Michael Clark talks about the importance of listening to your body, planning your training and understanding fatigue.

Michael Clark talks about the importance of listening to your body, planning your training and understanding fatigue.

New Zealand's, Nigel Stupples talks about the use of affirmations to help us when we are mastering a skill.

New Zealand's, Eddie Woodford discusses the importance of self confidence and how as martial artists we need to help develop each others confidence.

Tia and Tania talk about expectations and how they can effect our grading preparation.

Queensland's Brad Ross talks about how we learn, building neural pathways, and the three things we need to make learning possible.

Simone and Georgia talk about some of the biggest challenges of their lives and how family, can be the people around you, that give support when times are tough.

Queensland's Kyl Reber talks to us about how, when we are struggling, we can always put it into perspective. There is always someone doing it tougher in life, we can use their struggle to motivate ourselves and get some perspective on what we can really achieve when our back is against the wall.

New Zealand's, Nigel Stupples tells how taking something we are concerned about to the point of being absurd can help us to "just get on with it."

Soke Richard Norton discusses how to accept fear and make it your friend. Soke Richard has found a way to use fear as a path to preparation and excellence

Kyl Reber of Queensland tells us the secret to counting yourself back in. It can work for something like getting out of bed or for when you are close to exhaustion and need one more push.

The Wickham family discuss the tools they use to prepare for gradings, teaching classes and taking on the worlds best.

Jo Furmedge on nerves, preparation and succeeding after a disappointing result.

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