Dates for 2022 - Download the flier

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22 May, Sunday - Shepparton Basketball Stadium 11am to 2pm - Booking link

10 July, Sunday - Springers (Keysborough) Stadium 11am -2pm

28 August, Sunday - Shepparton Basketball Stadium 11am to 2pm

29 October, Saturday -  Springers (Keysborough) - Pre-test day for ZDK students

State grading ZDK -26 November Bendigo Stadium

Our State Training days make up some of the biggest days in the BJMA calendar.
Get involved in this all-inclusive training day for BJMA students of any rank from across the state. State Training Days are now open to all BJMA students. Our next training day will offer workshops where students can experience interactive tuition with an All Star Instructors line up of BJMA Systems from across Australia.

How we suggest you get the most out of a training day.

In part 1 of the day we advise you to train in the group specific to your training requirements.

In part two of the day we suggest you expand your skills by training with a different style/workshop. Open your mind and enjoy the day.


Note to ZDK Students

If you are a ZDK student (Brown Belt and above) and wish to grade at the state grading you must attend a minimum of two full training days with your coordinator plus the final assessment day (last training day prior to grading). These are your CTP points.


If you plan on attending more training days than the minimum, we suggest you train in another style/workshop in the 2nd half of the day to advance your general martial arts skills.


If you are not grading this year and you are a Black belt to 8th degree you must attend and participate in two state training days for the year to be counted towards your next grading.

Club Instructors invite your students to attend, whether they are refining their grading skills for the upcoming State Grading or would like to take advantage of experiencing the best of all BJMA Systems on offer.

Find out what each group will be doing, directly from your coordinator. What do you need to bring, what should you expect?  Click here 

Training Days will include specific training for 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th degrees.

In the first hour and 20 mins Soke Billy will instruct 5th degrees to 8th degrees. In the second half of the day Soke Billy will either run a specialist session for all BJMA members or he will oversee the training of the other groups. When Soke Richard is is available he will take the 5th Dans and above for the 2nd hour of their training. If he is unable to attend this group will either self train or assist other groups. 

What are the age restrictions for attendance?

Zen Do Kai Coordinator training - training open to 

Coloured Ranks - 12 years and above
Black Belt - 15 year olds and over (must be 16 yrs old to grade at state grading)
1st Degree - 14 years and over (must be 16 to grade at state grading)
2nd Degree - 16 years and over (must be 18 to grade at state grading)
3rd Degree and above - 18 yrs and over

Muay Thai Kickboxing - 12 years and over.

Eskrima - 12 years and over

BJJ - 16 years and over for 1st session. 12 years and over for second session - beginners.

Krav Maga - 16 years and over
XMA: Extreme Martial arts. 5 to 16 year olds - A blend of gymnastics, tricking and martial arts, this non combative form of training is a lot of fun and very exciting. These will not run at all training days. 

IN HOUSE GRADINGS ZDK-  Clubs would have the option of grading under 18year old black belts in house or at the state gradings until BJMA Vic has decided on a long term strategy. This could be after review at the end of 2023.

SPARRING - Coordinator and instructors must always ensure sparring partners are appropriate in relation to control, size and experience.

It is the coordinators responsibility to partner people appropriately at training days. 

Grading Day - If it was decided that the group of people grading offered no suitable sparring partners then the coordinator will work with the club instructor to arrange for sparring partners for their student.


Download the state  training day flier with all 2020 dates, times and locations.

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