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2021 celebrations

Anniversary Weekend -

50 years of friendship forged from

blood, sweat and progression.

Friday June 4th and Saturday June 5th, 2021

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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2021 will see events and celebrations around the country and at all our clubs. 

Victoria is honored to be hosting the official International event.

Soke Bob Jones and the International Leadership team have charged us with making it as inclusive and accessible as possible.

In this year of celebration it is about giving to you, our members.

The Victorian Leadership Team is a non profit group of volunteers. They are organising these events on behalf of BJMA. 

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Training Extravaganza.png
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Paul Jeffrey, Wayne Spear, Rohan Clifford

(add your name today - here)

Interstate guests - we have arranged liaisons to assist you in your plans. Tania Rowan and Hamish Preston will be your go to people.

Tania - - 0409350420

Hamish - - 0423789262

Accommodation - Central Melbourne, Southbank, Albert Park Lake, St Kilda are all within 10km of the daytime and night time venues.

We know a number of our people are staying here

Professional Development Day Poster .png

Professional Development Day

If you would like to see a specific topic presented on this day or would like to be a presenter please contact 

Peter Smedley -

Most sessions will be lecture format with demonstrations and some physical involvement. We will also have access to a "basketball court" for break out sessions of a more physical nature. 

click here to book 

Click here to download a copy of the flier

Pro day

Training Extravaganza

Training Together for Strength!

Saturday 9.30am to 4.30pm, MSAC, Albert Park. (5km from Melbourne CBD). Max 800ppl


Zen Do Kai, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Krav Maga, Eskrima, Systema, EPC.

Kids, Teens and Adults – beginner to 9th degree!


A massive training hall. Amazing trainers. An experience like never before!

All participants will receive a commemorative patch.


How will it work? We will run rotating seminars with all ranks and styles mixed together. Teens and adults will work together. Children will be working with child specific trainers for safety and relevance. There will be as many as 20 sessions running at any given time. Children will also have a specific Dragon Day session from 1.15pm to 4pm in a separate room.


Instructors will include our Soke’s, regional Head Instructors, lead instructors of our different styles and various representatives from across Australia and New Zealand.


Sample running sheet-

9am arrival, 9.30am Welcome and bow in.

9.40am Break into groups. 9.50am Seminar round 1

10.50am First round of seminars will finish.

11am Seminars round 2, 11.30am Seminars round 3, 12pm Seminars round 4

12.30pm Break – Lunch

1.15pm Line up. Points of interest from our Soke’s. (children can stay or go to another room for games session)

1.15pm Children under 12 to go to Dragon Heart training session. 12 to 15 year olds can choose Dragon session or general session.

2pm Break into groups, 2.10pm Seminars round 5, 2.40pm Seminars Round 6, 3.10pm Seminars Round 7 , 3.40pm. Break

3.50pm Mass training session with everyone working together all ranks

4pm Wrap of day

4.20pm Call to Victory

4.25pm Photo’s

5pm – Must be out of the venue.

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Click here to download a copy of the flier

Training Extravaganza.png
Training day
50th Anniversary Dinner.png


Dinner with friends and family

Just like all families, after a hard days work, it is time to break bread, relax, listen to some music, play some games, hang out together and reminisce.


The Timber Yard is a large open, indoor, venue. Imagine you are at your favourite park with friends, relaxing in a casual atmosphere. With multiple food trucks, you will be spoilt for choice, a full bar and a band helping set the chill vibe. We will have interactive games and fun activities for all ages.


The venue is heated and kid friendly, but you will need to keep them supervised. Children must be accompanied by an adult.


50 years and its all about family. Brothers and sisters by choice.


Included in ticket price – Entry, entertainment, meal voucher to be used at a food truck.

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Click here to download a copy of the flier



BJMA 50th Anniversary Sponsorship. 

Thank you for considering sponsorship of the BJMA in our 50th year. 

2021 is the 50th Anniversary of Bob Jones Martial Arts, and we want to make it the biggest year yet for our beloved style and founder, Soke Bob Jones.  From its very humble beginnings in Elizabeth Street in Melbourne, this style has now spread across the globe, and encompasses so many facets of the Martial Arts.  It really has proven itself to be “The Best of Everything in Progression”. 

It has touched countless lives over the last 50 years from mums, dad and kids to international rock stars and dignitaries here in Melbourne and beyond. We want to go all the way in 2021, making it the best Martial Arts event Melbourne and the rest of Australia has ever seen. 

Many of our current and past members talk about their training lives with BJMA and “The Chief” and how he and the style have influenced, shaped and played a huge part in our lives and others believe it has even saved their lives.

Bob Jones Martial Arts is hosting, as part of its golden celebrations, a weekend of student / instructor professional development and learning seminars, a full day of training hosted by the highest ranked BJMA instructors in Australia and overseas followed by a family orientated casual social event in one of Melbourne’s most sought after venues in Port Melbourne – The Timber Yard. 

And – we want you and your team to be a part of that. 

People will be traveling from across Australia and New Zealand to be part of this event. 

The weekend celebrations commence on Friday 5th June and continue on until late Saturday night the 6th June. 


What we are asking for  

To help make this event as inclusive as possible we want to keep costs at a minimum whilst making a special occasion that will be remembered for a further 50 years. 

This event is being put on by the Victorian Leadership Team (VLT) and is financially independent of BJMA Head Office. This is a non-profit group that runs all state events in Victoria and has done for most of the past 2 decades. All funds are directed to the running of events or purchasing specialty equipment such as mats, first aid kits, a defib and supporting our members and clubs. 


The VLT has priced tickets for the 50th year anniversary weekend extravaganza to cover the cost of the venues, entertainment, formalities, food and dinner. However, we want to offer so much more. 

So we have set up our sponsorship a bit like a gift register.  


Imagine if every person who attends the state training day receives a one off patch to wear on their uniforms? What if they all got a medallion to keep as a special reminder of their attendance? What if the background of every photo had giant 6 meters banners celebrating 2021 and our sponsors, or if we could pay for a videographer to film the event and a photographer to capture the memories. 

How good would our Family Fair / Anniversary dinner be with rides like a Bucking Bronco, Sumo Fights, an inflatable slide, a rocking cover band, crazy lighting or even Giant Jenga, Twister and Connect 4! 

So, we have made a list and will keep adding to it. We ask that you either sponsor an item in its entirety or a part of an item. All these items can be found at

What we will do for you. 

All sponsorship will be shown on BJMA social media pages as well as on our VLT web site ( Your name will appear on our 6 meter banner “Sponsors banner”. 

We will mention your sponsorship throughout the weekend’s events and where possible will have a sign with your sponsorship near the sponsored item.  

What if the event turns a profit? 

This group is made up of volunteers and they receive no payments. All instructors, local, interstate and overseas teaching over the weekend will be volunteering their time as it is an honour to be involved. The VLT hope the event will be profitable so more can be done to assist our members by running more events, training sessions and supplying more resources. The VLT will hold all monies and these funds are held securely via the VLT constitution and banking arrangements. 10% of any profit will be paid to Soke Bob Jones to help support him and his current research. 


We hope you will be able to assists us and we hope to see you over the weekend. “The Chief”, Bob Jones vision for 2021 is Uniting Kingdoms. With this in mind, we are bringing together all our martial arts systems including Zen Do Kai, Muay Thai – Kickboxing, Krav Maga, Eskrima and all our different age groups. Past and current members are welcome to attend and celebrate with us. If you wear a BJMA Cross then I can imagine how important this event will be for you. 

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me, or to confirm your sponsorship commitment please contact me on 0408 417 047 or email  

Kind Regards, 

 John Rizzo VLT – Treasurer. 


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